1. 100% live arrival is guaranteed provided shipment is checked when received and any loss is noted in a report signed by the transporter or his agent (do not include extras). Notification to be given within 24 hours.

2. We will credit any *loss occurring within 2 weeks of shipment of day-old chicks without question, providing the loss (livability) report sent with each shipment is returned to us within 3 weeks of shipment. *Loss over 10% of any one breed must be accompanied by a government veterinary lab report indicating that the loss was a result of poor quality of chicks provided. Do not include extras. Dual purpose and heritage ‘Packages’ are considered one breed when calculating the 10%.

3. We guarantee 85% accuracy of sexed orders. Unsexed orders are shipped as they come from the incubator. This generally works out to 50% of each sex; however, the ratio in smaller orders of chicks often tends to be uneven.

4. We cannot guarantee that all the Heritage Breeds conform to their breed standards. Nor can we guarantee the ratio of males to females. Heritage breeds are sold straight run only!.

5. In all cases, we will only be responsible to the extent of the invoiced price of the chicks or poults to the original purchaser only. Split orders between customers do not qualify for our guarantee. We will not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages.

6. We warrant that the poultry described in the order will be in good condition, so far as can reasonably be determined, at the time of delivery by us. Established flock control, egg selection, production, and handling methods (including established sanitary and disease control standards) generally accepted in the industry are in place. It is understood, agreed and considered reasonable that THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO THE POULTRY OTHER THAN THOSE SPECIFICALLY STATED IN THIS AGREEMENT AND SELLER SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANT OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS OF THE POULTRY.

7. By acceptance of the poultry, the buyer acknowledges that the limitations and disclaimers herein set forth are conditions of the sale, and constitute the entire agreement between the parties regarding warranty or other liabilities and the remedy, therefore.

8. The purchaser or agent is required to examine the birds and must report any mortalities or other problems to the shipping company prior to leaving the point of pickup.