To Our Valued Customers

We look forward to working with you in our 34th season. For many, including my wife and I, our children are now grown and have families of their own. The desire for many of us to grow our own food remains strong, especially as we strive to provide wholesome food for our families. It is encouraging to see the next generation carry the baton of growing their food or buying it locally.

Over the years we have made it our goal to respond to your needs. Our efforts are always guided by your feedback and by practical aspects such as maintaining our high standards in breeding and disease control. To provide the best fit for your needs, desires, and facilities, we introduced several breeds, such as the heritage birds, and have maintained some of the few viable pure dual-purpose breeding flocks in the world. We were the first to introduce Coccidiosis vaccines for small flocks, enabling you to grow your chicks without the use of antibiotics. We also moved to antibiotic-free breeders and chicks well over a decade ago. Last year we added the Western Rustic, a hardier meat bird better suited to the backyard flock.

We never compromise on the quality of our chicks, so we place paramount emphasis on the health status and welfare of our breeders and chicks. We have an extensive disease monitoring and control program and test for many pathogens that are of concern for bird and human health. While all poultry can carry or acquire germs, buying your chicks from us provides you with the highest assurance among all hatcheries, big or small.