About Us

Rochester Hatchery is a family owned and run business, located in the heart of Alberta. We have been hatching chicks since 1984 and moved from Rochester to our present state of the art facility in Westlock in 2007. We are a federally registered hatchery and retain an “AAA” federal rating for cleanliness and bio-security. We take our customer satisfaction very seriously and want your experience with poultry to be both positive and profitable.

We pride ourselves on providing the customer with the best possible experience in chick husbandry by supplying the highest quality chicks. We offer a wide range of breeds, from meat birds to layers as well as heritage breeds, turkeys, and pheasants, while regularly introducing new breeds, giving our customers a chance to get some breeds that would otherwise not be available from high-quality stock. Feel free to recommend a breed you are looking for!

Our flocks are all government monitored and regularly disease tested.

If you are looking for poultry equipment Seven Oaks Manufacturing poultry equipment is able to provide you with all your poultry requirements whether for hatching, growing, laying or butchering. Contact us with any questions that may arise and we will be happy to help you. customerservice@rochesterhatchery.com